Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Battle of (Non) Conformity

My sister-in-law, Elysa, sent this to me in the mail this morning. I thought I would share it. It reflects what I know to be one of the challenges of youth. And yet, this child is more aware than others about the cookie cutter society we live in, as well as, the fear and trepidation you feel when contemplating stepping out of it. I hope my daughter faces this fear and trepidation. thanks Elysa for sending it our way.

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Elysa said...

Stephanie---Have you heard ANTI-CONFORMITY by Krystal Meyers? Or is it Myers? can view its video at Youtube. My 2 oldest girls love it and I really do try to let them have their own style and personna...though I do draw a line at barb wire tatoos on the biceps! All in moderation, you know. ;)