Sunday, September 16, 2007

Time for a Shout Out

It has to be said... I am so proud of my son, Cullen. There are so many reasons really but I must speak of one in particular. Normally I am dragging kids about and they do what they need to to make it as difficult as possible... haha. But the other morning I was feeling pretty good that we all pulled it together and got out of the house on time. Everyone was dressed, fed AND had their shoes on and out we went. The only thing that could have slowed us down was the rain and it was not coming down as we came out the front door. With my daughter in front, Cullen behind me and the baby in my arms I headed down the stairs. Before I knew it my feet were out from under me and I was free falling with Connor. I finally landed on my booty, specifically tail bone. Connor was screaming from what seemed way far away and I was in a lot of pain. The back of my legs, my elbow and my back all were screaming too.

I was holding Connor and trying to stand but got really dizzy and nauseous so I sat back down. I knew if I didn't put Connor down I was gonna drop him. So I stood him on his feet to make sure he was alright. His foot was red but he could stand and he stopped crying pretty quickly. I knew though that I wasn't going anywhere. The stairs were wet and I remember thinking how I did not want to sit on them in my white skirt, haha, but I quickly realized I did not have that luxury. So I sat in the wet and tried to get my breath back. I couldn't breath. I needed my cell phone to call Edward but once I told him what had happened I needed to hang up cause I was too shaky and having a hard time breathing. I felt all alone and didn't know how I was gonna take care of all of us.

Then Cullen gasped. I was bleeding from my elbow. It wasn't took big a gash there but I was bleeding. Cullen immediately wanted to get me a bandaid. I asked him instead to go get me a wet paper towel cause a band aid would do me no good until it was cleaned up. And could he please get me some water. I had this strong belief that water would make me feel better. And it really did. Cullen came back out with a paper towel that had just the right amount of water on it. Usually when I ask for a wet paper towel for some reason, he comes with it soppy wet. But this wasn't. He had the water too. I know he had to go upstairs, climb onto the counter to get the coffee cup he brought me and then come back down with it all. When he got back he said, "Mommy are you alright? I almost called 911."

It just made me so proud to know he knew what he needed to do if it had been worse and that he wanted to take care of me to that extent. And really that is all the reason I am puffed up with pride. They seem such easy things to do but for a six year old who has trouble being assured and certain... he did great. He made me feel not so alone when I was really feeling so bad. I thanked him for that. And he knows how proud I am of him.


Elysa said...

Auntie Elysa is very proud of Cullen, too.

I'm also glad that Connor wasn't hurt and I hope you're not too bad off, as well.

Your blog is really looking good. Keep up the good work. I visit every day.

Love you!

Elysa said...

LOVE the award! What a creative AND sweet Mommy you are. :)

BTW, Anna and Betsie say that I need to get them an art program so they can do cool stuff for me. ;) LOL!

Stephanie said...

haha there are a lot of free ones out there if you want me to look into it. PSP is about $80 and there is a learning curve. I have been using it for 5 years now.

Sarah said...

Way to go Cullen! You made me proud too!

Hope you are feeling better quickly, Steph! *hugs*