Friday, September 14, 2007

Raining Beauty

I made this from a tutorial today. You can find Raining Beauty tutorial here. There are so many wonderful tut (tutorial) writers out there for PSP. It is one very important way of learning the software. Tutorials always introduce you to different third party filters as well as a lot of fancy stuff PSP does without any help from the outside. PSP also has accompanying animation software which you can take your images to and add movement. That is what I did here. There are three layers of rain in this animation. Each level looks a bit different on the page but when the animation cycles through all three fast, over and over, you get the look of real rain. Pretty neat huh?

I must warn you about some of these tutorial sites because once you visit one you will find links to others. For some reason, many tut writers use risque images. You can find a lot of scantily clad women in tut writers finished work. I usually am looking for their techniques and choose a different type image for the tag I am making with their tutorial. I will sometime also start where the tut writer starts and end up somewhere different. Its all good! Except maybe the raunchy poses some of the women are in the tuts. You gotta just shake your head and move along.

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