Saturday, September 8, 2007

"Go Feral Flirt"

These are the words of my husband as our black rex slipped out of the house and onto the front porch. His name is Flirt which is his first offense. The breeder had named him and the kids and I liked it. He is a flirt but Edward just thinks its not appropriate for a male. Well I know plenty of males who flirt so I am not sure there is any problem with his name. Maybe its that Flirt likes to cuddle... and Edward is not a cat cuddler. Not that Flirt is deterred by that in anyway. If Edward has kids on his lap, Flirt is trying to find a place as well. I will say that both our cats like to sleep on Edward's legs at night. He is a furnace at night.

Anyway, Edward would like to see Flirt go outside. But he is pure breed even if he is a bit of a poor specimen. My mom swears that these cats do not know the first thing about being outside. Flirt has had a couple of opportunities to go out. My daughter has taken him outside but he comes right back in. And Edward has left the back deck door open for him to wander out on his own and he prefers to sit inside the door way sunning himself.

Flirt also has a case of fleas which I am sure our other cat Sophie brought into him. She is an inside/outside cat. Edward likes her cause she is low maintenance. He is always looking out for her rights too. Never wanting her to get the short end of the deal. Her low maintenance includes not having to maintain a litter box for her. She prefers to go outside. So until Flirt came we were litter box free. I agree, that was very nice. But about the fleas. You know, fleas are nasty but on most cats you can't see them. On a Rex, which is one step away from hairless, you can see them cause their coat is so sparse. I have taken him to the vet for a flea bath and am treating him with a systemic flea medicine and still ... fleas! Our friend the vet says that it doesn't get rid of them, only kills them once they touch, bite, etc the cat. So we still have fleas, until they stop breeding in the environment. This will be never I am sure.

"Go feral Flirt." reminded me of the show Mork and Mindy when Robin Williams was holding that egg... tossed it in the air and said "Fly! Be free!" *Splat* Well that is kinda what I am afraid of with Flirt going outside. You know... This is Flirt walking and thinking; lalalala, oh, oh, a rabbit... run run run.... oh, oh a car! *Splat*.


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