Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Fruit Fly Battle

Oh fruit flies... how I hate thee! My house is overcome. I even swat them while sitting here at the computer. The diaper pail is clean and the trash is out. The sink traps are clean and I haven't found any rotting potatoes in the pantry... so I am at a loss. The keep coming. I have made a trap for them with a sippy cup. I put a piece of fruit at the bottom and covered it with plastic wrap... put a hole in it and now am waiting for their little brains to entrap them. So far... nothin. I am not sure how many little corpses I have had to dispose of in the last day but its a lot. They are pretty nimble. I think I have got one flattened and it flies out from under my hand. I have a small fan blowing toward me on the computer desk in hopes that they will be kept at bay but I still see them fluttering about. Between the fleas on the cat and the fruit flies I need a good anti revulsion medicine.

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Elysa said...

And I pray that a plague of lice is not added to that list of nuisances!!!