Sunday, September 23, 2007

Family Night

Every couple weeks we have family night here at the house. It usually focuses around a movie and a treat though we have done other things too. Once we made dinner plates by drawing pictures on circular paper and then mailing it out to a company to be made into Pirex type plates. That was fun and the kids eat off them a lot. But mostly we do movies. You know the ones you loved as a kid and want to share with your kids. I love to watch their faces as my favorite parts come up and see what makes it special for them as well. We have two movies lined up... The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. Tonight will be Sound of Music because grandmommy wants to come for Mary Poppins.

We have had Sound of Music in the "vault" for quite a while but Edward wanted to wait til the kids were older so they would really appreciate it. Cullen wants to know if there is any shooting in it.. and I got to reply to the affirmative. haha. He loves the idea that it is based on real life too.

Along with the movie is always a special treat. Today it will be banana splits. Horrors, I could not find the right banana boat bowls. Edward sent me into Wal*Mart to find them but there were none. He does not know yet. I hope it doesn't wreck the whole evening. haha. We had to have just the right type of everything, nuts, cherries and the whip cream that comes out of a bottle... no, no, no, tub whip cream. The kids will get to make their own banana splits and we will use up all the ripe bananas. What a deal!

Post note: Can you believe Edward made us wait while he went online and READ how to make banana splits!

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Elysa said...

How fun! I don't guess we have time to get down there for the splits and flick, huh?

BTW, does Edward remember that the first time we watched THE SOUND OF MUSIC was at the movie theater in Livermore, CA? I still love that movie and its a big favorite with my kids.