Saturday, September 29, 2007


Well our mother-daughter afternoon was quite a success. I always appreciate my children more when we are one on one. Since writing my last post I have paid very special attention to my interactions with Avery. And I will tell you that the little changes that I have made in response to her have made a BIG difference in her response to me. She is much more thoughtful and responsive which is so appreciated. And she is much more affectionate. Instead of going head to head all the time we are having nice conversations. She is treating her little brother with much more kindness too.

We went to the salon to get my eye brows waxed... my treat for the day. So much FUN! And then we went to the movie rental place to get Babette's Feast. We need to watch it for Sunday school. Unfortunately, they did not have it and Edward must go out and track it down elsewhere. If he ever subdues the Mongols that is. Avery and I rented a Backyardagans video and then moved onto the nail salon. Picking out the color polish was a hoot. She first chose gold glitter polish. I guess she is taking after her Aunt Elysa! (haha) but I said no-no to that. I kept pointing her toward the pinks... I know I am so conservative (but only with nail polish colors). She then chose a green color... UGH! But finally settled on a bright pink. Her toenails look so grown up now. =( She loved every minute of it. She kept saying "Beautiful!" "They are beautiful."

We continued on to my favorite clothing store and too our surprise my best friend walked in the door. Avery discovered that she and Miss Vikki have the same color polish on. Avery suggested that next time the two of them should get the gold glittery kind together. haha.

Avery and I decided that we would continue these outings on a regular basis. I think its a great idea. I get to enjoy her company AND I get some time out of the house without carting all three of them.

Of course there is a price to pay always. I left the house tidy and came home to a mess. Connor had hand drawn tatoos on both his arms. The Play Station and TV are on but low and behold no one is near. Toy Story plays in the bedroom and you got it... Edward is still fighting the Mongols. I wish he would subdue them already.

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Elysa said...

LOL! Guess I know what Miss Avery will be getting for Christmas!;)

And btw, though I'm now sporting ice blue glitter toenail polish, for a few years leading up to this look, it was GREEN glitter toenail polish! Must be a Harvey gene thing showing up in Ave! :D