Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's been over 2 years... shameful!

I was looking at old posts on my blog and smiling at some... shaking my head at others. I don't remember some of these posts. LOL  But it was fun to go back and see the chronology.  And sad to think two years have past and I have lost that time.  So here I am trying, maybe, to start anew even though I hate the idea of that BIG old gap in there.  Maybe if I did a "the last 2 years a in review" post I would feel less unsettled. 

Blogging makes me ambivalent sometimes because I do not want to feel obligated to do it but at the same time I hate the idea of the blog not being cohesive.  If I didn't know for a fact that DH would shoot me, I would delete this one and start fresh.  But, again, life is messy so why should my blog be a reflection of my chaotic life.  Sometimes NOT blogging brings me peace which is GOOD, right.  So just know that when I am not blogging, I am somewhere in the world running too and fro and am too busy to blog OR I am snuggled quietly in my bed reading and have acquired peace... a moment or two. 


DM said...

Hi Stephanie, I just returned to my long-lost blog after a life created hiatus. :) Looking forward to more of your writing.

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Hi Stephanie, I just returned to my long-lost blog after a life created hiatus. :) Looking forward to more of your writing.


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