Monday, January 3, 2011

Catching up on my Scrapbooking

These are some old photos that I have needed to scrap for years... 3 to be exact. I took all of these pictures in 2007.  Luckily for me Vera Lim, my favorite digital scrapbook designer has plenty of "quick pages" for me to use at Vera Lim Designs.  I bought a lot of these design elements on New Years Day.  She had a fabulous sale.

This is Connor with Papa Roy, who has since passed.  Roy died 3 years ago when Connor was only 2.  But he still mentions regularly how much he misses his Papa Roy.  We all do.

The page above is a "Quick page", meaning the Designer did the lay out and I placed the photos just so. It was a lot of hard work... no not really.  Quick pages are a great way of catching up fast with your scrapbooking.  I admit I have bought quite a few from Vera Lim in the last week. And I finally have a LOT of my 2007 photos scrapped.  And, oh my gosh, are the pages cute.

This is a picture of Cullen from his "Kim Possible" days.  He was obsessed with her for a time and was always asking me to take pictures of him and his Kim Possible dolls.  I am certain he will come to regret this.  But as any good reported, I must report the truth no matter the consequence.

This page is made from photos from 2005.  I was pregnant with Connor at the time... just barely.  Cullen and Ben, my friend Vikki's son took a baseball workshop to learn the fundamentals of the sport.  Unfortunately, it kinda backfired on us. Cullen will not play baseball because he says he already did when he was 4.   Oh well!  You can see how proud he is of his trophy. He slept with it that night and still considers it one of this prize possessions.   There is a really small picture of Cullen running from 3rd base to home... if you look really closely you can see Avery crying at third base because brother was running away.