Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Miracle

This  Christmas my mom was to travel down to New Hampshire from Maine to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my brother Chris' house.  My sister, Bridget and her husband Scott and my brother, Tim were to come over as well.

My brother Chris traveled 2 hours to Portsmouth Main to get my mom who had travel 2 hours South by herself.  Chris was going to meet her half way.  This all happened without a hitch. They arrived in Ridge NH just before night fall for a cold, snowy Christmas Eve. My mom was traveling with her little puppy, Lily. Lily is a tiny white Maltese.
This is NOT Lily but you get her size.
During the excitement of arrival Lily got away into the cold, snowy wilderness. She had a fleece coat on but otherwise was a victim of the elements.  She was frightened by the new place, smells and sounds.  My niece and nephew wanted to take her out and unfortunately she did not have on her collar.  A leash was looped around her neck and in her fright she bolted.  Two hours of searching for her and my mom and brother found no trace of her.

My mom was distraught.  She said she blasphemed God, asking how God could allow a little dog to die under such conditions on Christmas Eve.  She was angry at herself for letting it happen and feared that Christmas was ruined for everyone.  The children felt terrible too.  The night ended as my mom prayed that Lily would be ok and not suffer in the harsh conditions.

New Hampshire at its most beautiful and harsh.

On Christmas morning, presents were opened.  The family tried to do the Christmas thing.  At 10am my mom wanted to go looking for Lily again.  So Chris and she got int he car and went driving around.  While they were in the car, Nick, my nephew called to say that Lily was actually seen walking down the driveway toward the house.  My sister-in-law, Amy, went out and started calling to the puppy.  Lily immediately turned around and started walking back down the driveway away from the house this time.  Amy kept calling gently to her and Lily stopped and just sat in the road.  When my mom got back she saw Amy walking with what looked like something in her arms.  When they got closer they saw it was Lily.  She was back. They had found her.

It appears Lily found the neighbors shed and spent the night there.  There were all sorts of little paw prints around it that are not normally there. How she found her way back has got to be God's doing.  My mom said she had been cursing God, so angry that this could happen.  But she still prayed for Lily's safety and God was waiting for her to ask.  My mom said her faith has been renewed. It was the best Christmas ever.

I cried and cried at the telling of this tale.  I cried for that tiny little dog. I prayed for her safety. I prayed that she wouldn't suffer either.  I cried for my mom.  For the loss of that dog that meant so much to her and in joy for her renewed faith.

God is GOOD all the time.