Monday, August 23, 2010

Preparing for my trip home

My sister gets married in 2 weeks and I am going home after 3 years.  The last time I was there was 3 summers ago with the kids. Connor was not even 2.  My mom has not seen him since then. He is almost 5 now. So I am excited!

Avery's dress
Avery and Connor will go with me.  Avery is the flower girl. She is beside herself. Its her dream to be a flower girl. LOL  It was suppose to be just she and I.  That would have been fun. But my mother-in-law offered to pay for Connor's ticket so my mom could see him.  Isn't that great.  She said she knew how she would feel if she hadn't seen her grandchild in that long.

This is Avery's dress. It needs a bit of altering. I had a choice between a size 6 or 8. I went for the larger. It kinda hangs on her. But she will be wearing a poofy under slip which will make the skirt go out and up. I am also planning on changing the sash to purple and maybe changing out the flower or hydrangeas. Those are the flower my sister is having in her wedding.

When I told Avery that Connor was coming she cried.  She was even more surprised to hear he was coming to the wedding! She has been trying to tell him how boring it will all be and he should just stay in the hotel room.  Isn't she a card.  Oh my gosh, I can not wait to see Connor in his suit.


I have been shopping for out trip.  Avery and I needed shoes and dresses for the wedding. Plus I needed a garment back for my gown. Luckily, I have a great suit for Connor that was given to me by a family member long ago.  It was for Cullen, but he never wore it. Connor only needs a tie and shoes now.

Stephanie's dress
This is my dress.  Not my body but my dress.  I got it at David's Bridal. I really like it and am excited to wear it. I had another dress in mind but this one looked a lot better on. I hope I do not look ridiculous. The only other formal dress I ever wore was my own wedding dress.

So I have booked our flights. I got a great deal on Expedia. Only $215 round trip from Gulfport to Boston.  It was so cheap I rented a car as well.

My sister, Bridget and I have always been close.  No matter the time and distance its like we never have been apart.   I am so happy to share this day with her. And even prouder to have my daughter there as well to make good memories with.  We plan on doing all the pre-wedding stuff... nails, hair, shopping and sleepovers.  Oooo lala, what fun!

Oh and the best part.  We get to stay at a Hampton Inn all week long. All week! Its like heaven.

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