Saturday, August 21, 2010

Karaoke Diva Makes Special ER Appearance

    This morning Avery decided to take her karaoke show on the road. But before she did that she took it to the back of the sofa.  She and I bought Karaoke Revolution last weekend.  We thought it would be fun to play it together.  But Saturday mornings are my mornings to stay in bed, watch HGTV and eat pancakes made by my sweet husband.  Since I wasn't around, my guess is she decided to take some real risks with her career and interject some "moves" into her performance.

So as I have hear from the retelling, she was standing on the back of our sofa with her microphone singing,  "the song that shall not be named" when she missed her footing and fell into one of my most favorite things, a lovely floor lamp. This floor lamp happens to be one of my only favorite things Avery hasn't broken.   This time she managed to break my most favorite thing, herself.

Avery came running into her room holding her arm and crying.  It usually takes me a few minutes to figure out if she is crying wolf. As a 7 year old girl, that is mostly what she does and does it well.  The way she was holding her arm made me suspicious that she actually did some harm to herself.  So I canceled a lunch I had planned with my friend Vikki and took Avery to the ER.

Avery was quite fearful that she would need a shot or have to stay there.  I do not know where she got these fears except that Max, our dog who had recently died, went to the Vet and had to stay multiple nights.  She told me that the "hospital was about as scary as school".  But eventually with some cajoling, she put on a stiff upper lip and we drove the 3 miles to the hospital.

Avery was bemoaning her fate of having to sit in a boring hospital. She was mumbling things like, "Why did this happen to me? What did I do wrong?" haha  I put a pretend microphone up to her face (I do this whenever I need to get the kids on tape saying something incriminating.) and asked? "Avery Harvey were you or were you not standing on the back of the couch?" Her response, "Yes."  "Why do you think we tell you not to climb on the furniture?"  "Because I might fall and hurt myself."  "Right! There is the answer to your existential question of why this happened to you.  What are you not going to do anymore?"  "Climb of the couch." "Good answer."

The hospital took as Xray of her suspiciously protruding wrist.  I kept asking anyone who came in the exam room where her shot was... which part of the Xray machine was going to poke her? The doctor came in with a 5 inch syringe and a needle and told Avery he had something for her. Oh my goodness, you should have seen her jump back. LOL  The ER doctor then reported that he did not see a break on the pictures and ordered her a brace to wear for a week for her "sprained and bruised" wrist.  We were then released from the hospital.

Avery and I then made our way down to the beach where Vikki, Em, her daughter and Haley, Vikki's sister were hanging out with their dogs.  The girls started building a habitat for the hermit crabs they had caught and Vikki and I sneaked off to have our sushi lunch.  Oh and Suppora beer!
Here is a picture of Avery on the beach taken by Haley on her iphone.

What broken wrist?
Avery had taken off her brace and played in the sand and swam for an hour while I had lunch.

As soon as we got home, Edward told us the ER doctor had called to say that there was indeed a break on Avery's Xrays.  The radiologist found it upon reviewing the pictures.  Huh? Broken? Are you sure?

Avery now has to go to the orthopedist on Monday and get a cast.  We have been told that she needs to not play rough until the cast is on because she can break the bone through and through very easily. Ahhh modern medicine and Ibuprofen. Gotta love em.

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That's sounds really fun! And you posted this at 11:11! That's a good sign! I hope you have a wonderful day darling! :)