Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Health Care Reform? How bout Healthcare Compassion?

I get regular emails from MoveOn.org. They keep me abreast of the happening in the progressive political scene. A scene that I identify with even if I am not active in pursuing its agenda. But today I received an email about a woman with two brain tumors. One diagnosed in 2005 and another in 2007. CIGNA is her health care insurer. Well, what i mean is that she pays them money for coverage and they deny her claims.

As the country debates the need for healthcare reform and guarenteed healthcare for all, her story is more than relevant. For 2 years she was denied coverage for the treatment she needed for the treatable brain tumors. Move On. Org helped her force the company to agree to treatment but has never explained why she was denied for so long.

You can see Dawn's story on YouTube.

Visit her blog, It Could Happen To Anyone, to read about her story and her trip to the CIGNA headquarters to confront the CEO about her denial of coverage.

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