Friday, January 16, 2009

Andrew Wyeth dies at age 91.

This week we have said goodbye to two iconic individuals. Ricardo Montalban and Andrew Wyeth. Both gentlemen were somewhat large in my childhood memory. Mr. Montalban for Friday night TV on Fantasy Island. "Da Plane! Da Plane Boss!" Who could forget... if you were old enough to remember.

But Andrew Wyeth gave me my first glimpse into art. My mother loved his prints and we had a number of them around the house. Alot fo which were window prints. All different windows... wood framed, ones with curtains billowing. They always have stuck in my memory the most. You can see a few of his pieces at Humanities Web, including one his most famous painting entitled, Sophie's World. The one above, The Master Bedroom, Doc and I received for a wedding gift. Unfortunately it was lost in Katrina.

It is sure that Andrew Wyeth's legacy is a rich one that will live long in the memory of this country. I am sad to hear of his death but his art keeps him present in the lives of many.

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Elysa said...

And did you know he was a homeschooler? Yup! He was a sickly child so his parents educated him at home and his dad taught him art.