Monday, November 3, 2008

Who knew...

The family attended church yesterday and while I was reading the birthday announcements I saw that Connor's birthday was listed as the 7th of November. I was a bit perplexed. I had it in my mind that his birthday was on the 17th. I showed Doc the bulletin and asked him if it was right. lol He replied, "I am embarrassed for you. I have little hope for myself anymore but you should be ashamed." Of course he was joking as only Doc can joke. He then asked if we should ask his mom... haha, um NO! Anyway after some calculations we came to the realization that Connor's birthday is indeed this Friday. And the rush is on to make it memorable for him. He was been waiting for the Backyardagains party for months now. So I am a bit behind when I thought I had a few weeks.

Connor has all the Backyardagains plush toys except Tasha, the Hippo. My mom sent the kids three for Christmas a few years ago. I found Austin, the purple guy, on Ebay a few months ago. But Tasha has been illusive. I thought I would have time to find her but we are running out of time. Connor keeps asking "Where is Tasha mommy?" I guess the answer will continue to be, idk.

I am off to the store to order a cake and since Doc is home today, to do some gift shopping without Connor actually being there.


Elysa said...

Don't feel year I was convinced that Laura Grace was born on one day and Jim said it was another one. We had to look it up. He was right.

But yeah...Mom would have known in a heartbeat.

I'm going shopping today...shall I keep an eye open for Tasha?

Stephanie said...

that would be great but we haven;t found her anywhere... ebay, amazon. wlamart. Maybe Target would have her.

Elysa said...

Well, the van started overheating so we had to head home. I should be getting to Target tomorrow or Wednesday, though, and I'll look then. If I find Tasha tomorrow, will you vote for McPalin? ;)

Stephanie said...

No, but Edward will. Is that good?
And thank you so much. If you can look for a plush Tasha that is about 12 inches high. I have seen the beanie baby ones and that is not what we are looking for.

Elysa said...

Didn't find one. Sorry. :(

But I did dream that you came to visit with your kiddos.