Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pancake Madness

Ok not sure what is up with Doc these days. Every morning he makes a full pancake breakfast for the kids. Huh? It use to be that it was a special occasion kind-of-thing but now its a daily event. I just hope he can keep it up cause I am not picking up the slack. This past weekend he upped the anti with fruit toppings AND sausage. (headplantdesk)

We have about 40 minutes to get the kids out of bed, dressed and fed. It has always been Doc's responsibility to feed the kids while I wake the stragglers, track down clothes and shoes for the day and get myself dressed. They have to be at the bus stop for 6:30 am pick up. Yes, it is crazy!

I am really happy that they are getting a great breakfast. If we ran our of the time int he past I would just toss them a breakfast cookie or pop tart. But now they are leaving the house with a full stomach ready for the day. Makes me very happy.

Doc says that he loves to watch them eat what he cooks. He says its the best part of cooking. Does he sound like an old Italian woman to you?

Thanks Doc, for the pancake madness!

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