Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Cavities!

Well after years of procrastination I took the kids to their first dentist appointment. I know I am a bad parent. But my experience with the dentist came to a pinnacle when he went into my mouth and ripped a molar out without any forewarning and then did it again 4 minutes later. What trauma!

So between my anxiety about dentistry and my oldest's fear of ALL things new I put it off... for years. lol

However, it could not be put off forever. Cullen has gotten a good number of permanent teeth and they were looking yellow. I was horrified. I had strategized with my friend Vikki and Edward about how to lesson the trauma for Cullen. We decided that we would make an appointment for Avery and if she survived then he would be far less likely to collapse in tears on the waiting room floor. My little red head is afraid of nothing. So we put her to the test.

Anyway, they did just great. The hygienist was gentle and explained everything to them. The got to wear sunglasses while she checked their teeth. They took their x-rays without a problem. And the office is wired! The computer than displayed their x-rays one minute can be programmed to cartoon network the next. They had a big fire engine for Connor to play with and they brought bean bag chairs in for the kids to sit in. Very kid friendly. I am not a fan of cartoon network and luckily we wrapped it up right as Sponge Bob was coming on.

The only sad thing about the visit is that I had Dr Chapman look at Connor's bite. And we were told that Connor needs to stop sucking his thumb. Not surprising but wow I still sucked my thumb way into grammar school. I told Connor, who is almost three, that the doctor said he needed to stop sucking his thumb cause it was hurting his mouth. He looked at me sweetly and say "oh" and then I could see his mind whirling as he tried to figure out what to do with his thumb if it weren't in his mouth. It was very cute. Connor goes back for his own appointment this afternoon.

And, the yellow on Cullen's teeth was fine. It seems that permanent teeth are darker than baby teeth which makes them look yellow. But they were perfectly fine. Yay!

No Cavities!

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