Saturday, September 13, 2008

Unexpected Flooding from Ike

The family woke up early on Thursday morning to get the kids ready for school. Its still dark and we have about 25 minutes to eat, dress and get down the driveway to the bus stop. A few minutes before leaving I glanced out the window and realized the front lawn was shimmering. Uh oh! This is not good. The house was an island with water on all sides. We were not expecting this. Ike was heading west and we thought we were safe. Nope.

We have been out of the house since Thursday morning staying at Doc's mother's house. This morning we waded back into the house. Enough was enough. We wanted our own beds and toys. We left the cars at the gate and made the trek. We carried kids on our backs and hips. One even found the courage to walk himself about half way to the house.

The water is now receding but again we have lost our water pump and have no water. There is a warranty on the pump but I am not sure what it covers. The plan the build the pump house up three or four feet will need to be pushed forward.

I can not wait for this hurricane season to be over! I am so sorry for the people on the coast of Texas.

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Elysa said...

So glad it wasn't any worse for you guys.

BTW, did you catch the Tina Fey/Sarah Palin skit on SNL? I watched it on was a hoot!