Friday, August 29, 2008

Remembering Papa Roy

It is has been a year now since we said goodbye to Papa Roy. He is still so missed by many. I was saying to my mother in law that it feels a lot of the time that he is still here with us. And she agreed that it is like he is on a long trip and she is waiting for his to come home. My response to her way, "He is waiting for you to come home."

On the anniversary of Roy's death I had planned to take the kids over to see Grandmommy knowing she was trying to keep busy and would like the distraction. But I could not reach her by phone and so was not sure if I wanted to drive all the way over there from the YMCA where we had been swimming. The kids and I talked about Papa Roy while we drove and Cullen said "I wish it was a year and 1 day ago and I knew about Papa Roy's heart so I could have told the doctors and then he would still be alive. I told Cullen that Papa Roy's heart was very tired and there is nothing that would have changed that even if we knew sooner. He said how much he missed going on nature walks with his Papa Roy and how he will never get to do that with Papa Roy again.

I drove towards home still not sure what to do and my oldest said "Well we don't have to go to grandmommy's Mommy, but it is a very special day." UGH! Out of the mouths of babe. That put it all into perspective and I kept driving past our home and onto grandmommy's house. It turned out that she had just gotten home and was very happy to see us. We had a nice visit with her and spoke tenderly about Roy.

This scrapbook layout I made yesterday. Grandmommy and my two youngest went to the Veteran's Day ceremonies at the cemetery at the Biloxi VA grounds. I took these pictures of my daughter draped over Roy's stone. It so caught the feeling of longing we still have for his presence. If you look closely you can see his image in the gravestone.

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Coffee Bean said...

My goodness... It doesn't seem like it could already be a year to me.

I think it was good that you took the kids to Grandmommy's. Beautiful pictures!