Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Plate is Full!

Ok 2008 has begun and I have so many projects starting. I thought I would list them here for my own benefit... so I don't over look one and as a handy reference.
  1. Learn Adobe Illustrator. - My class starts on January 6 over at LVS to learn Illustrator.
  2. Redesign my church's website.
  3. Continue designing and creating blog toppers/headers for others at my blog ThatGirl Designz. I have three to do as we speak. Head on over to my blog to see the ones I have already done. The list is growing!
  4. Knit my mother in law a sweater coat for her Christmas present. The kit should be arriving today! I haven't knit since I moved to MS. Sweaters are too warm for here and its too hot to knit... all that wool laying on top of you is deadly hot! I hope I can pick it up again for my mil's sake.
  5. Continue to manage my website at ThatGirl Designz and write Paint Shop Pro tag tutorials for the site.
  6. Continue to work on my digital scrapbook pages gallery, coding it to add to my website.
  7. Work on a business plan for a digital scrapbooking service, i.e Scrap4hire business.
  8. Try not to let my new online game diversion, Everquest II, eat up all my time. I played World of Warcraft with Doc for about 5 years and most recently Lord of the Rings Online. nBut I haven't played an online came in months... so Everquest II is my new pick. I only have the trial and am waiting the arrival of the full game which I bought of Ebay a few days ago.
  9. Get back on the ball at Weight Watchers and walk daily.
  10. Try to incorporate some Flylady habits into the management of the household.
Aahhhh my head is spinning! But at least the list is complete! What about you? What are your projects for the beginning of 2008?

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Emily said...

I love lists. :-)
Looks like you're going to have a fun year.