Monday, January 7, 2008

Masterpiece Theatre's Jane Eyre

The last couple of Sunday nights have been spent watching Masterpiece Theatre. Boy have I had a wonderful time too. Jane Eyre has been the offering. Its a new version and just plain wonderful.

And there is more to come! Masterpiece Theatre is airing The Complete Jane Austen starting January 13th. Price and Prejudice and one of Doc and my favorite movies. We actually own it. So if you love British drama its time to tune in. I just wish i had a DVD recorder.

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Elysa said...

I love Jane Eyre and have enjoyed every single movie version that I've watched...maybe 4 or 5?

And the bi girls and I are SO excite about all the new Jane Austen flicks. Some of the desperately needed to be redone!

BTW, you might want to look for the book AUSTENLAND by Shannon Hale. Jim gave it to me for Christmas and I'm saving it for my long trans-Atlantic flight, but I've already read the first couple of chapters and it is brilliant!