Friday, December 14, 2007

The Iron Giant - Changing things up for Family Night!

Tonight we are watching The Iron Giant. My 6 year old son has started complaining about all the sappy Disney films with too many princesses and not enough fighting.

In fact, we bought Disney Princesses on Ice tickets for this past weekend and he broke down sobbing. Who knew that when we were planning on an outing for the kids it would bring our son to tears. He said it was all about Avery and princesses and he did not want to go. It also didn't help that Grandmommy agreed to take our 2 year old. Spending time with Grandmommy is Cullen's favorite thing in the world besides sugar. So we ended up leaving him with Grandmommy and taking one of Avery's friends with us.

We all went to the rental place to choose our family night pick. The only one who walked out of that place happy was Doc. Cullen wanted Pirates of the Caribbean 3... Avery wanted a princess movie, any princess movie. I think we have exhausted them all, thank goodness. I am always ambivalent about family night. But in the end we decided on The Iron Giant. Cullen found it but when he heard Doc and I talking about actually renting it, he hid it in the movies so we couldn't find it. Is that not sassy? And this from a boy who has been vomiting since yesterday and has low blood sugar from not eating. Can you imagine what i have to deal with when he is at full strength?

So anyway, its The Iron Giant, which Doc is looking forward too. Connor will not sit through it so we will have to deal with his 2 year old attention span. It is iffy as to whether Avery will actually click with the movie. There are no pretty colors or pretty girls running around in ballet slippers. It is guaranteed that her bony knees and bottom will pierce our sides and legs as she jumps from seat to seat looking for a place to settle. Cullen will be very interested in the movie but more interested in how his sister will not behave or is impeding his viewing. My head will start to ache and then throb. Doc will watch the whole movie through and not recognize that any of this is happening around him.

And another Family Night will pass away.


KellyJean said...

oooooohhhh... me likey the new look! I need to talk to you about doing something about mine. Elysa sent me a private e-mail basically telling me that it was awful... in her sugared up southern way. LOL! I am afraid to change it because I am afraid I'll lose what is on it.... oy! computer stuff. It makes my head hurt!

We loved the Iron Giant when we saw it eons ago. How did it go? You know... as old as my kids are our family nights sound very much like yours, including the hiding of DVDs. Only the most recent meltdown was from a girl over the fact that we always watch guy flicks. LOL!

Stephanie said...

I would be happy to help you with your blog! It would make me very happy!

It actually went ell. Everyone sat through the whole thing. My 2 yr old was engrossed and stayed up til 8:30. His face was priceless to watch

Rising Rainbow said...

I have to admit, I saw the ads on tv for that show and I wondered about the poor boys! What was the thought behind that, even if only for the sake of good marketing it should have had SOME part that appealed to boys! I totally get where you son is coming from.

Elysa said...

I told Anna about the princess on ice thing and she was agreeing with Cullen! LOL!