Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Own Little Fundraiser

Auction Closed!

Oh goodness me!

How wonderful!

I have placed this necklace on auction at Ebay. I have never ever auctioned anything on Ebay but I have been wracking my brain on how to help raise some money for my sister-in-law and niece to go to Swaziland on a mission trip. Visit Musings from Graceland to hear about their upcoming adventure and what motivates their hearts.

They leave in January and are raising money through their Grace Works jewelry. Elysa, her 12 year old daughter and Rhonda, a family friend are making jewelry in hopes of raising the $5,000 they need to make the trip with Children's Hope Chest. I recently received an email from Elysa that was sent out to all her friends and family. She was asking for bead donations or old jewelry that they might take apart and restring. My kids have a couple bead kits but I think they would protest greatly if I tried to mail them away to their aunt. So then I was perusing my jewelry box in my brain and remembered this necklace that my mom gave to me years ago. Oh how I love this necklace. But its a bit tight on my fat neck now. =( So I am going to auction it off to see what money I can raise. Then Elysa can buy whatever beads she needs. That is the plan, anyway. I this plan doesn't work, it will be onto Plan B... Wal*Mart. =)

Elysa is also hosting a giveaway on her blog for a piece of Grace Works Jewelry to increase the knowledge that people have about the orphans in Swaziland. Please visit her blog and make a comment. You could be a lucky winner. This giveaway ends on Sunday, November 4th so visit soon.

And if you are so inclined... please visit my Ebay auction. I started the bidding at $10. I think that may be steep but its for a good cause. The piece is engraved with the designer's name... Andrea Barnett. I Googled her and found that she is designing rosaries with the same type silver accent pieces and beads... but a little pricey. So $10 is cheap by her pricing. And if the bidding goes nowhere then I know I will spend more than that at Wal*Mart buying beads for the cause.

And if you have any beads you would like to donate, I can help arrange that too!


Elysa said...! What a sweetheart you are. Thank you so much. I'll pass the word on to my friends.

You're support is wind beneath my wings. :)


sha said...

I am a first time visiter and just wanted to say that your banner is beautiful.

Stephanie said...

thank you Sha.. I created it myself. I have another blog where I make them for people...

thanks for visiting

Belinda said...

I keep getting outbid, but I'll keep trying as long as I can afford it! Going to check out your other work, too.

Elysa said...

WOO-HOO!!! Thanks to you all who are bidding. It gives my spirit a lift. I can't wait to get to Swaziland and see those sweet, smiling faces. Y'all's efforts are being used by the Father to get me there and I truly appreciate it.


Stephanie said...

thank you all!

Elysa said...

$26!!! YEE-HA!!!!