Sunday, November 18, 2007

I am an Irritable Mom

If you haven't been to Confessions of an Irritable oh how liberating the click might be for you. I met Karen by chance through a link from another blog. I am so happy to have found her and her support.

I really thought that it was deepest darkest secret to be a mom snapping and impatient with my children. She helped me to realize that there were actually some articulate and well meaning moms out there struggling with the same mean spirit feelings as me. Now I am certainly not proud of my struggles. They have made me feel like a failure as a mom most of the time. But to know that others too find motherhood hard at time, hard enough the yelling and screaming are not unheard of occurrences made me feel like I was not alone. Karen also gave me some wonderful advise on how to begin to face situations where I once might lose it but instead handle with a modicum of grace.

Part of the support I receive from Karen comes from periodic emails asking me how I am and giving some encouragement. These emails are always welcome and so helpful.

Well today I received an email. She offered some words of hope and encouragement, as well as a heart wrenching YouTube video about domestic abuse. I include the video here because it would be an injustice not too. The little girl in the video died as a result of her abuse. We must remember her and the other little ones who might be in danger as I sit here and write. So please do visit the link.

Ok, so what I really wanted to share is Karen's offering of laughter. It is the best medicine they say. This YouTube video is also a must see but for different reasons. It is called the Mom Song. The singer, Anita Renfroe, has written this song to The William Tell Overture. It is what comes out of every mom's mouth during a day of interacting with our kids. Do yourself a favor and get a laugh by watching the Mom Song.


Emily said...

Oh my, that Mom Song is beyond hysterical! Thanks for the link!

Irritable Mother said...

Awww, Stephanie, thanks.
I came over here to link to you in a blog post I'm writing, and found this!
I am so glad to know you feel this way.