Monday, November 12, 2007

Horsing Around

Just completed this page of Avery and Emmie Leggett. The pictures are taken back in the summer when the kids were playing together at our house. I love these pictures of the girls. You would never know what upheaval there was around that pink horse. They are playing so well together in the pictures I captured.

Emmie took the horse home with her with Avery's approval. It was a loner horse. But there are rumblings of the horse needing to be returned. There is an electronic horse at Wal*Mart that Avery loves... it munches carrots and has a grooming brush... it whinnies and shakes its mane and tail... $250 bucks. It has sensors all over its body so it will turn in the direction that it is getting petted. He will also turn to sound. We better get that pink horse back lickety split! The pink horse doesn't say a word... I like it that way.

I found a YouTube video of the horse Avery is enamored with. Her name is Butterscotch and she is made by FurReal.

Avery knows that the horse is expensive. But she says that Santa can bring it to her so no problem. *cough* Whenever we go to Wal*Mart she wants to take time to groom Butterscotch and feed her her carrot. And has to give the pony a big hug and kiss on the nose before we leave. She would like to go back every day but no one wants to do that. Well I don't anyway. Its too painful to have this conversation everytime we see Butterscotch.

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KellyJean said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the posting pictures advice. I am going to try again later today.

I actually met you once. It was at the hospital the day Laura Grace was born. Y'all were pretty busy with your baby boy who wasn't too happy.

I love Elysa's header! You did a great job with that!