Friday, November 16, 2007

Family Night rolls around again...

Tonight its the Disney classic Mary Poppins starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. Our special treat are cupcakes that we are decorating like turkeys. Doc got the recipe off the internet, of course, and he is very excited.

The children's grandmother is invited to our family night tonight which means no slacking. The family room needs to be cleaned and the laundry put away.

My kitchen is a mess and Connor, who was woken from his nap will not let me clean. He wants me t snuggle with him in front of Barney. Is that a good excuse NOT to have my kitchen clean before grandmommy comes?

And of course I still have dinner to make. A wonderful recipe I got from Dine Without Whine. I am making Honey Mustard chicken and broccoli and rice. At least I have all the ingredients. That is the nice thing about the Dine Without Whine service. I always have my meals planned in advance and there is little or no stress. Like right now... I should be stressing but here I am blogging away.

There is a good reason for that... the stupid kitchen sinks are still backing up. Over the last week, I have used a plunger, a gel Drano, bleach and most recently the dread acid mixture that actually stripped the silver off my drains but did NOT clear my drain. I am so annoyed. I guess I have to call the plumber now. At least he can replace my smashed to smithereens bathroom sink. Anyway, its awful hard to cook and clean in the kitchen when the sink keeps backing up. Which is why I am sitting here typing... waiting for the sinks to recede.

But nothing stops Family Night! Not laundry stacked to the ceiling, nor kitchen counters caked with chocolate milk and pomegranate juice, nor sinks backed up to kingdom come. Nor tired, stressed out mommy. We will have fun!

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