Monday, November 26, 2007

100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge

The VA where Edward works is starting a health challenge called 100 Miles in 100 Days. We decided to participate. It starts on Wednesday, November 28th. There is a kick off at the hospital that we are going to attend. Part of that will be walking our first miles together.

We have decided that every night when Edward gets home we will take our mile walk with the kids. From our front door, down the driveway to the main road and back should be about a mile. It is usually dark when Edward gets home so the kids may protest a bit but regardless we will do it. We agreed that the only reason we would not walk is rain. When I told our 6 year old the plan he looked incredulous and said, "What!" haha.

I think 100 miles should be easy in 100 days... but then again I have never tried to walk with my kids. Dragging children down the street and trying to keep my heart rate up seems quite a challenge in itself. Before I had kids I walked 3 miles a day. Its how I kept my weight down. But three children in 6 years and a reduction in my exercise has gotten the best of me. So no more excuses! The kids and I are going to have to buck up and just do it!

This is a great time to start this exercise challenge because tomorrow I attend my first Weight Watchers meeting. Oh my goodness, doing to things that are good for me at the same time... I might go on overload.

I got this conversion chart for those of you who do not want to walk but maybe would rather participate by doing another activity.

Mile Conversion:
Jogging 10 minutes = 1 mile
Stair Climbing 10 minutes = 1 mile
Rollerblading 15 minutes = 1 mile
Swimming 15 minutes = 1 mile
Cycling 15 minutes = 1 mile
Exercise Classes 15 minutes = 1 mile
Walking 20 minutes = 1 mile
Lifting Weights 20 minutes = 1 mile
Playing Sports 15-30 minutes = 1 mile depending on sport

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