Thursday, September 6, 2007

What? No crying, no gnashing of teeth?

This mornings routine went smoothly. All I did was put clothes out the night before and it made a HUGE difference. The kids knew to get dressed immediately upon waking and get some breakfast. So by the time I was dressed they were eating. What? It worked and hopefully will get better. We had a little snafu with Cullen's shoes but I was not stressed from the dressing and the breakfast part so it went smoothly. And I had an epiphany about socks. That's right, socks. I can never find matching pairs. Here is my solution..always, always buy the same kind... then they always match. Such clarity! I amaze myself.

I congratulated the kids when we got into the car for getting out of the house without upset. And I notice that they are much more responsive to me when we are dealing with things calmly. Well duh.

So tonight I will again put out the clothes and make sure shoes and socks are at the door. Ok so we keep on perfecting this day by day and move onto step 2... Boundaries.

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