Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Blog Header

Did some work on this blog header last night. I changed the font to Cocktail. Looks like this font has had one too many. The design is basically the same but the image is crisper. I used masks for the background images of butterflies, plants and such. Of course I used Paint Shop Pro. I just upgraded the software to PSPX2. (That is a new fangled way of representing 12 I guess.) I am always a bit behind the curve. There is already a PSPXI out there.

For those who are interest in learning PSP and are what we call a newb or newbie. I recommend a Yahoo group called Stepping Stones Through PSP. It has 5 steps and each step has 25 lessons. So you will be a pro by the end. The lessons are small and manageable. Here is the link to Stepping Stones. Have fun!

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