Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Goodness! I am so hungry... someone pass me a hamburger!

Well jeez that was a failure. I got so sick by the end of day one that I gave it up. I had a migraine through the rest of the next day and slept til 11:30am. I was late picking up my little girl from school. BUT I have lost 3 pounds. I figure after going a day and a half only drinking liquids eating in moderation will be welcome. So I am doing it the good old fashion way... cutting way back on serving sizes and only eating fruit between meals. How bout that? Seems a whole lot saner. And I get to drink coffee which is always a bonus in any universe. (hehe)


Elysa said...

You go, girl! Moderation wins hands down in my book. And you know, with all the emotional stress going on, I'm sure something as drastic as a 21 day detox would only be a whole lot tougher.

Cheering you on as you seek that balance!


Stephanie said...

Haha Elysa! Thanks for your support.