Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Connor is all a Buzz!

When Cullen was very young... he fell in love with the movie Toy Story and Toy Story 2. I think most kids do. He has accumulated almost every toy in the picture to the right. Cullen thinks Stinky Pete, the prospector in the overalls, could still arrive any day in the mail. He wanted Stinky Pete so badly over two years ago. We tracked one down on Ebay but it was so so expensive we never ordered it. Cullen still checks the mail frequently for it or asks if he has arrived yet. We have never had the heart to tell him we didn't order it to begin with. =(

Now here comes Connor. He will be 2 in November. Cullen has got his fixated on Toy Story. More specifically on Buzz Lightyear. All day long you can hear Connor saying "And beyon! An beyon. Mommy, and beyon!" This is a reference to Buzz's well know call..."To infinity and beyond!" Inevitably, Cullen will round up Connor and together they will set up a make shift pallet on the floor in my room... with all the Toy Story toys with them. Heaven forbid Cullen can not find one. He will not watch the movie if everyone is not there... this goes for Woody's hat too. But when everyone is assembled they will camp in there and watch Woody and Buzz as they adventure all the while playing with their toys.

Connor is constantly taking Cullen's Woody and Buzz dolls. If Cullen comes to retrieve them there is quite an uproar. "Mommy baba" (brother). This is basically the way Connor tattles on his sister and brother. "Mommy sissie" is the other variation. So between Avery wanting to use Woody as one of her Barbie dolls boyfriends and Connor stealing Woody for his own reenactment of the movie and brother wanting his toys returned, we have a pretty upset trio around here sometimes.

So what did we do... well actually Grandma Rita found a Woody doll for Connor on Ebay which made him very happy. And I got him a little miniature Buzz which is just his size along with Jessie, Bulleyes and Woody. They are all about 4 inches high and very cute. So you would think he would get some imaginative play going. And sometimes he does but mostly he begs and pleads for the movie to be put on. I have limited his viewing after he started getting very cranky when he couldn't see it or it was interrupted.

I thought I would share a typical conversation I can have with Connor around this issue sometimes three times a day.

C - Mommy, come on. Mommy, come on... Buzz.

M - No Connor. No Buzz right now.

C - Please mommy, please. please. Buzz.

M - No Connor. No Buzz.

C - Mommy No, no no... (usually he has thrown himself to ground by now) Buzz mommy, Buzz. Please! (see how
polite he is even when he is emotionally distraught.

M - No Connor. You already watched Buzz today.

C - MOMMY! BUZZ! (throws things if you try to distract him with them.) I MAT (mad) I MAT! I MAT!
Buzz Mommy Buzz!

M - Connor do you want some juice?

C - (sniff sniff) Juice.

M - Ok lets go get some juice.

Connor sips his juice and asked for his "Sleep" which is his blanket. He heads back to the bedroom and you inevitably hear.

C - Baba Buzz.

And we go at it again.

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