Friday, August 31, 2007

A Wish Plant

Last night we attended the visitation and memorial service for Roy. There were so many people there from the community; from the Civitans and the Photography Club, from First Baptist Church, the Gautier Library and the community college. He certainly touched a lot of lives and he will be missed by many.

Cullen had drawn a picture with pencil of he and Papa Roy hunting for grasshoppers. He wanted it to go with Papa Roy in his casket. So he and Grandmommy placed it there together. Cullen has had a very hard time with Papa Roy's death. Its a shattering of his innocence. His happy, secure life is not so secure now. He thinks something bad is going to happen and is afraid when the dogs bark fearing there are robbers outside. When he has to say goodbye to grandmommy to go home he gets almost panicked... crying in the car cause he did not get one last hug. I think it is from the suddenness of Papa Roy's departing... there was no
one last time to spend with him. He cried to me the night we got home from Alabama after Roy had died that he did not get to say goodbye. I reminded him that when he was in Papa Roy's hospital room Aunt Elysa said to Roy, "Papa Roy, Cullen is here." and Papa Roy nodded "
He wants you to know that he loves you." and Papa Roy nodded again.

At the Memorial service, Cullen and I were then looking at all the plants and flowers that had been sent. I was reading the cards to him and telling him about the plants. There was a large Peace Lily there that was in bloom. "People send Peace Lilies because when people die, they are at peace." I told him. He said "I wish there were Wish plants so we could get Papa Roy back."

So do I honey.


Elysa said...

Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your heart in such a beautiful way here at your new blog. It has touched me and I've passed the link on to my friends and family.

I and so many of them are praying for you.


T said...

I am a friend of Elysa's and wanted to thank you for sharing. You are all in our prayers!